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11 Beautiful Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

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If you’re interested in skiing, then our blog can provide a lot of help. We know there are hundreds of things to do in San Francisco – and skiing is one of the best. Going here will allow you to see some top ski resorts near San Francisco that you might not know about but definitely need to visit!

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Tourists, California is most famous for the beaches, surfers, and Hollywood film stars. However, for skiers, the attraction of California is far away from the coast, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which constitute the eastern frontier of the state.

The ski resorts in California have stunning views of the alpine as well as mild and pleasant winter temperatures, and lush powder-covered slopes. Actually, most of the ski resorts in California are on equal footing with the most renowned skiing resorts located in Colorado or Europe.

This list is a ranking of the top ski resorts, based on the ski slopes and facilities. There are resorts throughout California, but the most are located in the Northern part of Cali’s Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and Yosemite. Some other notable locations are located in Southern California, in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains which are located in close proximity to Los Angeles.

California is among the most popular destinations in North America for exhilarating mountain views along with downhill skiing. When planning your winter getaway or a weekend getaway day trip to the slopes, make use of our guide to find the best slopes and ski areas in California.

11 Beautiful Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Big Bear Mountain Resort

Big Bear Mountain Resort” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Big Bear Mountain Resort is located in the Southern part of California’s San Bernardino Mountains, one of the few ski resorts in California that aren’t located inside its Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The San Bernardino Mountains reach higher than 8,000 feet above sea level and are high enough to allow amazing snowfall close to the Pacific Ocean, only a two-hour drive (100 miles) from Los Angeles if traffic allows.

Big Bear Mountain Resort at Big Bear Lake includes two major ski areas (one ticket for entry can be used at each): Bear Mountain, with 748 acres of slopes that are skiable in addition to Snow Summit, with 240 skiable acres.

The resort is known for its modern infrastructure, Bear Mountain resort has 15 trails accessible by eight lifts. The majority of the trails comprise intermediate (55 percent) and a beginner (15 percent). Bear Mountain is also famous for its terrain parks for snowboarders (14 in all) that rank in the top 10 ski areas in North America.

This family-friendly Snow Summit resort has even more intermediate trails. More than 60% of the 27 trails in the resort are blue-rated runs that are rated to be intermediate skiing abilities. The resort is home to six terrain parks that are rated among the top in California.

Each of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit provides ski lessons by qualified professionals. Bear Mountain has the largest area in Southern California, dedicated to skiing and snowboarding lessons.

Badger Pass Ski Area

Badger Pass Ski Area” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

The oldest ski resort in California is surrounded by the most breathtaking landscapes within the Central Sierra mountain range, close to the world-renowned tourist attractions in Yosemite National Park.

A little over four hours approximately four hours from San Francisco, Badger Pass Ski Area is not as busy and is more affordable than most Tahoe Ski resorts. Families with kids will love that the resort is simple to run and relax.

The ski area is comprised of downhill (alpine) ski slopes and also terrain that is designated for cross-country skiing as well as snow tubing and snowshoeing.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Mt. Shasta Ski Park” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

A snow-capped volcano that reaches 7,500 feet. Mount Shasta is a stunning sight located in Northern California. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is found near the top of the legendary mountain (with a base elevation that is 5,500 feet) located between McCloud and Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta and McCloud.

The majority of the hotels, as well as lodges, restaurants, and hotels, are located in the township of Mount Shasta, but the nearby towns of McCloud and Dunsmuir are also home to a wide range of accommodation and dining choices.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park encompasses 425 acres of terrain that is skiable, with 32 downhill trails. The majority of the trails have intermediate levels (55 percent) and the remainder are 20 % beginner level and 25% advanced. The longest run is 1.25 miles.

The terrain is a favorite for snowboarders who are adventurous. parks. Silvertip Terrain Park for intermediate and beginner riders as well as an advanced Revolution Terrain Park.

Cross-country skiers can also take advantage of the many beautiful trails.

For those who are experienced One of the most fascinating activities to enjoy at Mt. Shasta Ski Park is backcountry skiing off-trail (hiring guides is highly advised). Skiers can reserve overnight lodging in the off-trail region in any or more of the Backcountry Cabins, rustic accommodations that provide basic amenities, such as bunk beds as well as an open-fired stove.

Mt. Baldy Resort

Mt. Baldy Resort” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Mt. Baldy is the nearest ski area to Los Angeles metropolitan area (50 miles away) It is a mere one-hour drive if traffic conditions permit. A favorite among expert skiers, Mt. Baldy is mostly covered by advanced-level black diamond and double-black-diamond ski runs.

There is only a handful of trails for intermediates and beginners on the Mt Baldy Resort. The resort has a Learning Center that offers skiing lessons for children as well as adults.

Mountain High

Mountain High” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Around a 1.5-hour journey (80 miles) from Los Angeles, this award-winning resort is the most crowded ski resort in Southern California. Mountain High ski resort is located within The Big Pines region of the San Gabriel Mountains, part of the Angeles National Forest.

Three resorts are accessible to skiers with the same admission ticket. West Resort West Resort offers a wide range of trails, including technical trails that are used for competitions.

East Resort East Resort has the longest runs, stunning views of the Mojave Desert, and expert slopes with difficult moguls.

Ideal for families and those who are learning skiing, North Resort features 70 acres of beginner-level ski runs.

The total of slopes of 290 acres at the three Mountain High resorts is served via 11 lifts, which connect to 60 trails. These trails include 25 percent beginner slopes and 40 percent intermediate trails as well as 35 percent of the advanced runs.

Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

In the Northern state of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, overlooking the shimmering blue emerald Lake Tahoe, this premier resort has one of the longest ski pistes in North America. Palisades Tahoe was the venue for 60 years of the Olympic Winter Games and since the time has been famous for its challenging terrain and exceptional skiing conditions.

The average is over 300 days of sunshine all year long, Lake Tahoe is among the top locations in California to go skiing. In addition, tons of powder snow blankets the vast slopes, typically around 450 during the winter time.

The ticket for Palisades Tahoe also gives you access to the nearby Alpine Meadows ski resort, which is a mere 15-minute ride on a shuttle bus. Together, the two ski areas have more than 6000 acres of slopes that are skiable and 270 runs that are accessible by 42 lifts.

Skiers of all levels can discover enough trails to match their abilities without needing to repeat any trail. Intermediate trails make up the majority of trails which are 43 percent. slopes in both resorts are rated as blue, whereas 25 % of slopes have green (ideal for those who are just beginning) and 33 percent of slopes are black diamonds that only experienced skiers can manage.

Another attraction is highlighted is the Village at Palisades Tahoe, featuring top-quality accommodation and dining options. Just a few steps away from the lifts for skiing as well as The Squaw Valley Lodge is the ideal spot for a luxurious overnight stay.

The journey to Palisades Tahoe is approximately three hours and thirty-five minutes starting in San Francisco if weather and traffic conditions are good.

Heavenly Ski Resort

Heavenly Ski Resort” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

As breathtakingly beautiful as its title suggests, Heavenly is one of the most picturesque ski resorts in California. A three-to 4-hour drive away from San Francisco, Heavenly features 34 miles of groomed trails that span 4,630 acres of skiable area which makes it the biggest ski area located in the Lake Tahoe area.

The resort is situated at the border between California and Nevada and with an elevation of upwards of 10,067 feet (with an average of 360 inches) The resort has a stunning view of the clear lakes that flow into Lake Tahoe surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The breathtaking views of Heavenly are as captivating as the stunning snow-covered slopes.

The area is surrounded by lush pine forests and wide, open skiing slopes comprised of 97 trails that are accessible via 28 chairlifts. The majority of ski trails include long trails that extend as high as 3,500 vertical feet of descent. The longest trail stretches to five miles and is the longest along the West Coast.

Heavenly offers run for skiers of all levels with a wide selection of intermediate slopes. It offers classes for beginners to ski.

Skiers with experience go to Heavenly’s epic double-black diamonds with amazing 1,600-foot chutes. For freestyle-lovers who are adventurous Heavenly’s two terrain parks are a major attraction.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Around a five-hour, 30-minute journey to Los Angeles, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area located in Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in the Eastern Sierra boasts outstanding skiing and snowboarding options. The stunning setting of The Sierra National Forest, plentiful sunshine, and the perfect conditions for powder create Mammoth an extremely sought-after ski destination.

With a peak of more than 11,000 feet of elevation, and an abundance of precipitation (averaging 400 inches each an entire year), Mammoth is one of the first ski areas to be opened each year. The season usually runs from May to often all the way to July 4th. A further benefit for visitors is that the Mammoth Lakes region has plenty of accommodation options as well as top-quality restaurants.

Mammoth Mountain is one of the biggest resorts for skiing in California It has three lodges at the base, more than 3500 acres of terrain that is skiable, and 25 lifts that give accessibility to 175 tracks.

Mammoth Mountain is a great option for advanced skiers because more than 50% of the trails are advanced and expert.

Beginners can benefit from Mammoth’s Ski & Snowboard School (available in each base lodge) which offers group and private ski lessons. Each base lodge has a Mammoth Kids school, which offers ski lessons specifically designed for kids.

Freestyle skiers who dare appreciate Mammoth Mountain for its Unbound Terrain Parks. Mammoth Mountain has nine terrain parks that stretch across more than 1,500 acres. The terrain parks include difficult halfpipes as well as many Jib lines and opportunities for more than 40 jumps.

Northstar California

Northstar California” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Northstar California is the most family-friendly ski resort in Lake Tahoe, thanks to the activities for children as well as a ski school and an array of groomed trails. In addition, most of the trails offer stunning views and run through the pristine pine forest.

The resort is spread across 3,170 acres with 100 runs accessible through 20 chairlifts. Most (60 percent) are intermediate runs, while 13 percent are beginner trails while the remaining 27 percent of runs are considered advanced. The longest stretch of the run runs for 1.4 miles.

With sunny weather and plenty of snowfall throughout the year, The slopes of Northstar are often covered with soft powder snow. In the event that snowfall is low, the resort employs snowmaking machines to enhance the conditions.

One of the main attractions of Northstar is the alpine-style town located at the foot of the hills. It is a great place for dining, shopping, and lodging, thanks to the variety of hotels and restaurants ranging from casual to luxury.

Kirkwood Ski Resort

Kirkwood Ski Resort” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Kirkwood offers a distinct and more secluded feel because it is further away from the bustle in Tahoe City as well as South Lake Tahoe than the other Tahoe resorts. It is situated at the top of an apex of the Sierra Crest peak, this beautiful 2,300-acre property is admired by its serene mountain scenery, which is unspoiled, and its challenging, diverse terrain.

In the group of Lake Tahoe ski resorts, Kirkwood is one of the resorts with the best powder snow conditions. Because of its high height (7,800 up to 9,800 feet) which means that the snowfall here is more abundant and dry and making it easier to control skiing on the steepest slopes.

Kirkwood is a great choice for skilled skiers who are able to go to the legendary black diamonds. Over fifty percent of its runs (accessible via fifteen lifts) are advanced (38 percent) and advanced (20 percent) and intermediate trails (30 percent) are a little more challenging when compared to other resorts’ standard intermediate runs.

Just 12 percent of routes at Kirkwood are rated at the beginning grade. The longest stretch of the course is 2.5 miles in tranquil forest glades.

A perfect place to escape to the natural world The Kirkwood region isn’t as established as the other Lake Tahoe resorts. A lot of visitors enjoy the tranquil mountain environment and the authentic alpine style, however, the options for lodging are less extensive than in resorts like the Palisades Tahoe, Northstar, and Heavenly resorts.

A great choice of lodging, The Mountain Club is located in Kirkwood village, close to the lifts for skiing. The resort hotel is modern and offers ski-in/ski-out options that include a range of facilities like concierge services, a coffee shop and restaurant, parking, sauna, hot tub, steam room, and fitness center.

Additionally, there are vacation homes within and close to Kirkwood village. Visitors can select from townhouses, condos, and cabins to stay for a short time.

Sugar Bowl Resort

Sugar Bowl Resort” | Ski Resorts Near San Francisco

Small-scale and quaint in appearance This historic ski resort is famous for its beautiful atmosphere and stunning powdery slopes. As per the title, Sugar Bowl holds the claim to have the highest accumulation of snow (an annually-averaged 500 in) than any other resort within the Lake Tahoe area.

It’s also the most accessible Tahoe resort to San Francisco, only a three-hour drive from the city depending on weather and traffic conditions. There’s also parking close to the slopes, making it a great day excursion.

Overnight guests will be loved at Sugar Bowl’s classic lodge that is European in style, The The Inn located at Sugar Bowl, which includes ski-in, ski-out accommodations, and a restaurant with a fine dining experience serving gourmet food in a chic location.

Just a few steps away from the lodge are slopes of skiing, which are tucked away into the sides of the hill. The ski area covers 1,650 acres and is protected from the winds, which provides an enjoyable skiing experience. The ski runs span four mountain mountains in Donner Summit, winding through vast glades that are protected by thick pine forests with stunning mountain views every time you turn.

With 12 lifts, Sugar Bowl gives access to the 103 trails, Sugar Bowl has slopes for all levels of ability. The majority (45 percent) of the trails are intermediate with 38 percent being advanced trails while 17 percent of them are beginner “bunny hills.”

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