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Peru in Pictures:15 Beautiful Places to Photograph

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The stunning landscape, the historic cities, and the vibrant life of Peru make this one of the most beautiful locations to take pictures throughout South America. The snow-covered peaks of the Andes Mountains are a stark contrast to the coastal areas that are dry. In Cusco in Cusco, where the history is built on the past, both old and modern meet to create a unique contrast.

The deep, blue-blue waters that surround Lake Titicaca, along with the villages and islands around this lake are worth a trip. Of course, Machu Picchu is one of the most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the most popular destination for travelers to Peru. It is a must for everyone to take the chance to visit this site.

Peru in Pictures:15 Beautiful Places to Photograph


Lima” | Peru in Pictures

Lima is the capital city of Peru, Lima is a lively city bursting with vibrant life and colors. The magnificent colonial architecture of the city’s old central area is among the most notable attractions. Do not miss this Plaza de Armas. Palm trees, fountains, and colorful structures make for fascinating photographs.

If you’ve had enough of the city’s bustling center, enjoy the view from the highest point of the cliff walls with a view of ocean views of the Pacific Ocean.

Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines” | Peru in Pictures

The most captivating attraction The Nazca Lines must be viewed from the air to fully appreciate. Lines that are carved into the desert floor create designs of plant shapes as well as animals and geometric shapes. However, they are so huge that the whole view is only apparent when you are at a high altitude. Fly tours are offered.

Certain of the designs are in the range of 130-180 meters. They are believed to have been carved in those of the Paracas and Nazca civilizations between around 900 BC between AD 600 and 900 BC.

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon” | Peru in Pictures

Go to Colca Canyon for impressive views of the second deepest canyon on earth. It is possible to spot condors flying above as you take in the canyon’s rugged walls. Many people go to Colca Canyon on a day trip. Colca Canyon on a day excursion from Arequipa is Another great city to photograph.


Barranco” | Peru in Pictures

Barranco is a vibrant suburb in Lima that is famous for its colorful structures, stunning sunsets, as well as the Bridge of Sighs. Go out in the afternoon to take pictures of the buildings and enjoy an evening sunset on a hill with a view of the ocean.

Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca” | Peru in Pictures

For stunning mountain scenery, make an excursion to the Cordillera Blanca. A great option for those who are a bit adventurous is one of the hikes known as the Cordillera Huayhuash Trek. Explore many of the stunning alpine landscapes around the globe through this hike.


Vinicunca” | Peru in Pictures

Vinicunca or Vinicunca, or the Rainbow Mountain as it is often referred to as a well-known photographer’s paradise and tourist destination a couple of hours away from Cusco. The mountain’s color flows across the sides of the mountain, in shades of orange, red turquoise, purple, and.

Amantani and Tequile IslandsĀ 

Amantani and Tequile Islands ” | Peru in Pictures

While a trip to the Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca is the most well-known and popular trip to Puno however, you are able to go to some of the lake’s largest islands. Amantani as well as Tequila Island both offer beautiful scenic views with spectacular views of the lake. Discover stone-built archways for framing your photos or take photos of the locals living their everyday life.


Arequipa” | Peru in Pictures

The gorgeous cities in Arequipa are another amazing location for photographers. The city’s central area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known by the name of the “white city,” much of the colonial buildings are constructed of sillar stone that almost appears to shine in the light. On the other side, you will observe the snow-capped peak of the volcano which rises over Arequipa.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu” | Peru in Pictures

High over and overlooking the Urubamba River, this ancient Inca city is among the most visited places in Peru. There’s more to capture when visiting Machu Picchu than the typical views of the ruin. The llamas roaming around the area as well as stones and doors that frame the mountains that are in the background and the cloud-covered surroundings make for stunning pictures.

Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley” | Peru in Pictures

The Sacred Valley, not far from Cusco is home to a variety of intriguing tourist attractions. Ruins scattered across the mountains and terraced mountainsides are scattered throughout the valley, however, the tiny villages and towns are among the most iconic attractions. Everyday life in the Sacred Valley, set against the backdrop of mountains, provides wonderful opportunities to take pictures.


Ollantaytambo” | Peru in Pictures

Amidst the top beautiful spots located in the Sacred Valley is Ollantaytambo. The roads, hills, and the locals make it an exceptional and unique area. Boutiques that sell brightly colored clothing and souvenirs are scattered along the stone roads. Beautiful ruins adorn a hill over the town.

Lake Titicaca’s Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca’s Floating Islands” | Peru in Pictures

The floating islands formed from reeds in Lake Titicaca are one of the most popular tourist destinations. Even though what visitors see on tours was designed for tourists and does not be authentic, they are stunning photos. The locals who dress in vibrant shades, the straw-colored buildings, and the ground, as well as the mountains, provide many photographic opportunities.


Cusco” | Peru in Pictures

Cusco is a charming city that has beautiful old-fashioned buildings and mountains and hills. The cathedral the churches, fountains, and plazas are only a few of the things that make this city so unique. The remnants of Inca structures are the basis of many of the colonial structures within the city. Just walk around with a clear head to get inspiration and picture ideas.

Salinas de Maras

Salinas de Maras” | Peru in Pictures

The salt evaporation lakes of thousands cover the hillside around Maras, the city of Maras located within the Sacred Valley. The ponds with brown and white tinges provide great subjects for photography. The mountains and hills further away provide an intriguing backdrop. Zoom into and crop a portion of your scene. This can be particularly useful if one is walking on the edges of the ponds which is often the situation.


Moray” | Peru in Pictures

Moray can be described as an Inca ruin located in Moray, an Inca ruin in the Sacred Valley that many travelers do not see when they travel through the region. You can combine a trip to Moray with a visit to Moray with a trip near the salt-water ponds (Salinas). The area here was formed into circular terraces that were probably employed for agriculture. You can zoom into a specific area of the terracing. And when you can, add an individual to give perspective.

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